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Sinthesizer features 11 Fully fleshed out tracks made during the past 2 years, Sinthesizer is a ode to synthesizers, an expression of my passion with these strange electronic music instruments that many look upon has a “Sin”. September 15, 2017  (Read More…)

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BANDCAMP countains a special PRODUCERS EDITION Album version that features all track Stems

Another journey into the deep, rich and textural realms with his most recent project Rest For The Wicked. Intentional tunes, magical melodies, and bouncy beats come together to create conscious collections of creativity. February 13, 2016  (Read More…)

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“Alpha Drifter EP” is the first instalment of the “Atom Sessions” Journey. A weird personal crossover of Modern Electronic music, Bass, Psychedelic Chillout, Lounge, IDM Glitch & many other sub-sonic influences. December 15, 2015 (Read More…)

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Atom Sessions

Atom Sessions, a solo project envisioned and developed by the Portuguese Fernando Hood Abreu, in Late 2015

Often Described “Chillout”, Atom Sessions explores and has been Heavily inspired on IDM, Downtempo, Drone, Uptempo, Dub, Electronica, BigBeat, BreakBeat, Techno and too many more to mention.

(…) from interesting and unique bits of sound design, Deep Baselines, ever evolving beats, melancholic melodies mixed with complex melodic arrangements and phrases!
All these elements create the signature Sound of Atom Sessions, of Alien like Sonic Landscapes breathing with life and personality. Always exploring a wide array of tones, Technics and genres with no strict boundaries.


Atom Sessions Project Created and Envisioned by Fernando H. Abreu