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Rest For The Wicked (Full Album)


Atom Sessions presents another journey into the deep, rich and textural realms with his most recent project Rest For The Wicked. Intentional tunes, magical melodies, and bouncy beats come together to create conscious collections of creativity. Visionary realms burst open when you hit play and take you on a journey through the genius mind of Atom Sessions. Music that flows from an original spigot in the psychedelic realms, this album will quench your pineal gland’s thirst. Featuring complex rhythms, drenched drums, and melodic phrases that will leave you in a state of awe.

Originally Released February 13, 2016

By TimeResonanceMusic
Time Resonance Music is a Moscow-based electronic music label founded by Slava Mindex. MUSIC FOR FLEXIBLE BODIES AND DEMANDING MINDS©


01. Rest For The Wicked 04:57
02. Corrupted 05:23
03. Tension 02:41
04. Glitch Hope 05:28
05. W.i.r.e.d. 04:51
06. Distant Drums 04:39
07. Today Tomorrow 06:27
08. Elder Tree 06:03
09. Darker Cities 03:17
10. Mysterious Delirious 04:16


Atom Sessions Project Created and Envisioned by Fernando H. Abreu