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Sinthesizer (Full Album)


Sinthesizer features 11 Fully fleshed out tracks made during the past 2 years, Sinthesizer is a ode to synthesizers, an expression of my passion with these strange electronic music instruments that many look upon has a “Sin”.

There are some things you can expect from Atom Sessions, from interesting and unique bits of sound design, Deep Baselines, ever evolving beats, melancholic melodies mixed with complex melodic arrangements and phrases!
All these elements create the signature Sound of Atom Sessions, of Alien like Sonic Landscapes breathing with life and personality. Always exploring a wide array of tones, Technics and genres with no strict boundaries. September 15, 2017 


01. Sinthesizer 06:34
02. Riding The Ocean Storm 07:33
03. Hacking Your Perception 06:28
04. Fate Falls 05:56
05. Digital Landscape 05:16
06. Strange Attractor 04:42
07. Fonte 04:03
08. Worlds Apart 07:13
09. The Last Light 05:44
10. Fonte (Part2) 04:08
11. Interplanetary Social Event 03:21

Producer Edition:

There is an exclusive Producer Edition only available in Bandcamp. This version contains Stems for all the album tracks!


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